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Categorizing your meeting

November 2, 2010

To set your meeting or event off on the right foot, you should first know what kind of event you are planning. This critical step is often overlooked and can cause unnecessary confusion later on when planning the nitty gritty details.

There five basic types are: Meeting and incentives, Medical conferences, corporate events, private events and multimedia events. Each of these categories can be further broken down, but let us first take a look at what differentiates each of these types.

Meetings and Incentives are hosted by companies for their employees, clients, or shareholders. The purpose of these meeting is to motivate and inspire the participants, and there is a frequent infusion of multimedia aspects in the form of presentations highlighting the previous year/s. Most meetings and incentives take place away from the headquarters and home city, therefore adding extra excitement and making the atmosphere relaxed and enjoyable for all.

Healthcare/Medical Conferences are hosted by pharmaceutical companies, medical organizations, or individual doctors. Pharmaceutical companies hosting a conference do so to promote a new product or keep in touch with doctors and hospitals they work with, medical organizations (such as nurses societies, cardiologists societies etc) hold annual meetings to set goals and involve members, and individual doctors host meetings following groundbreaking research, publications or to convene leading medical figures. Medical conferences are centered on exhibitions and single or multiple plenary sessions and breakout sessions.

Corporate Events: Corporate events are the most various types of events and can include anything from product launches, automotive events, annual meetings, merge events, and many more. There is no definitive structure for a corporate event and the goals and objectives as well as overall look and feel must be discussed and mapped out prior to beginning the actual event planning. The venue selection is especially important for corporate events because it sets the mood and feel of the event.

Private Events: Stepping out of the corporate, medical, and high-tech bubble, private events are a world away from the other types of events. These events emphasize individuals and have a great deal of importance on the emotion and experience rather than the schedule and

Multimedia Events: Multimedia events have gained importance in recent years. Seldom are there pure multimedia events, but rather the multimedia aspects are incorporated into all other types of events. Multimedia events involve one of many of the following aspects: 3D visuals, holograms, theatrical and musical performances, personalized videos, custom presentations, and many more. One of the main advantages Kaleidoscope offers it’s clients is the services of our own in-house multimedia and video director. Working with the client, our director Dubi Yogev is able to bring to life the objective and goal of the meeting and incorporate unique multimedia aspects that will make the presentations, experience, and overall event more memorable for the participants.

If you need any help with your meeting, conference, incentive or event message us and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible!

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