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Twitter and your event

November 10, 2010

It is impossible to get away from the importance of social media sites and online marketing and networking. Even here at Kaleidoscope we’re re-branding ourselves with this blog, a new website (which is in the works) a Facebook account and a twitter page (check them out!).

Marketing your conference or event via twitter is a great way to increase awareness and promote your event.

Here are some tips on how to market your meeting or event on Twitter:

1)      Create a hashtag for your event (a hashtag is a twitter symbol used to keep track of topics and events. Example #Kaleidoscope will give you all the latest posts where Kaleidoscope is mentioned)

2)      Register your hashtag on

3)      Add your hashtag on all marketing printer material

4)      If you are planning on using flickr, be sure to use the same hashtag

5)      Promote discussion of the event during the event itself by leaving room for people to add in their twitter name on their name tags. If presentations will be used during the conference or events, add the event hashtag to the presentations to encourage discussion.

Don’t forget that twitter is just another way to reach out and talk to participants so be sure to keep them interested with new and fresh tweets… and of course don’t forget to follow us @KaleidoscopeLTD


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